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Sat, 2nd May 2020, 11:26am (Wed, 5th February 2020, 11:26am UTC-2088)

Hello thank you for this wonderful site.
My grandmother Jane /Jeannie Watt /ne Strachan, was a member of the
Fraserburgh group and Iím the proud owner of her star.
Best wishes to all keep safe Helen

Helen Isobel Couper

Mon, 20th April 2020, 2:47pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-440942)

Glad to be a part of this most wonderful order and supreme Grand chapter.

Brandon Ahma'n Parks

Mon, 10th February 2020, 7:09pm (Mon, 10th February 2020, 2:09pm UTC-5)

I am honored to be the Grand Representative to Scotland from Georgia, USA, Thank you for this privilege. Helen, I pray that I will be able to meet you, my wife and I are anxious to spend time with you in Scotland.

Roy Christian Hardin

Mon, 6th January 2020, 5:57pm (Mon, 6th January 2020, 9:57am UTC-8)

Greetings to all!

I attended your session in April 2017 with many others from Nevada.

I have just received my commission as Grand Representative of the Supreme Grand Chapter in Scotland, and I plan on attending again this year!

I am beyond excited!

Looking forward to seeing all my friends in Scotland!

Jann Kostka, PGM

Jann Kostka

Wed, 20th November 2019, 4:15am (Tue, 19th November 2019, 11:15pm UTC-5)

Greetings from Ohio, U.S.A.
I Aa the Worthy Matron of Ann Rutledge Chapter No. 453 in Lakewood, OH.
I have been in Scotland several times, but have never been able to visit an Eastern Star Chapter while there. I am anticipating a visit during September 2020, and hope to somehow make a connection with a chapter. At the moment, my itinerary is undecided.

Elinor Bayse